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TEXAS's unique history leads to unique challenges for mineral title examination. Because the State of Texas did not cede its public lands to the United States upon admission to the union, much of the state's land was patented by the state with various mineral reservations. The state's rich supply of natural resources has led to a rich body of law balancing the interests of mineral owners, royalty owners, and operators. THE SHORES LAW FIRM's thorough familiarity with the complexities of title examination in Texas enables us to provide an excellent product to our clients.

Most minerals in NEW MEXICO are owned by the federal government, leased by the Bureau of Land Management under the Mineral Leasing Act of 1920, and managed under a complex regulatory scheme. Much of the rest is owned by the State of New Mexico and leased by the State Land Office under its own regulatory scheme. Because government leases historically covered large acreages and contained no severance language, much of the state's large oil and gas reserves are still subject to those leases. Through the years, lease ownership has changed hands with various overriding royalty reservations and depth severances resulting in a complex web of leasehold ownership. THE SHORES LAW FIRM's attorneys are experts at untangling that web so that we can provide an excellent product to our clients.

At the SHORES LAW FRIM, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the title assurance they need to develop their prospects efficiently and profitably.